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From: Natasha Chajkovskaya and Gary Gerhart, a happily-married Russian-American couple.

Dear Friend,

A friend of ours said to us one day:

“Dating Russian women is like a gamble. You may be lucky and find a beautiful Russian woman to marry, but you also may have your heart broken, time wasted and bank account emptied. It is quite risky and unless you like gambling, probably not worth it.”

We’ve heard similar statements quite a few times from people we know well and from people we were just chatting with through our Russian Wife blog.

After trying to prove them wrong through lengthy explanations, we decided that it was time to write a book about it.

A book which will not only show that dating Russian women is NOT a gamble, but we will give practical step-by-step advice on how to succeed in your search for finding the perfect Russian woman for YOU.

We are happy to introduce our creation. The first and only eBook written by a Russian-American couple:

                      “She’ll say: “Da”
How to find the right Russian woman and win her heart.


Why do you HAVE to have this book?

This book will dramatically increase your chances of finding the woman of Your dreams.

There are many successful Russian-American marriages out there, and we are happy to announce that we are one of them. At the same time there are a number of men whose heart was broken and bank account emptied by a Russian woman (or rather a scam artist pretending to be her).

If you follow the simple steps written in this book you will dramatically increase your chances of finding a beautiful Russian woman to marry. Surely, unpredictable things may happen even if you are armed with information about Russia and Russian women.

However, if you don’t do your homework and start your search for a Russian wife unprepared, your chance of finding a good Russian woman and having a good relationship with her is close to ZERO.

When we were dating we were somewhat familiar with each others cultures, which prevented certain misunderstandings, but if we knew more, our dating process could have gone so much smoother.

As a Russian-American couple, who is familiar first-hand with both Russian and Western cultures as well as culture differences which may encounter problems, we are confident that our book is going to help many reach their dreams.

With the help of our book you will:

-    Determine whether a Russian wife is the right choice for you.

-    Discover things which Russian marriage agencies are NOT warning you about.

-    Discover five things which you should never mention in your profile and learn how to make yours perfect.

-    Learn how to beat your competition by writing a first letter she can’t resist.

-    Find out which three types of Russian women you should avoid at all costs.

-    Learn how to determine whether the woman you are trying to start a relationship with is real?

-    Discover why some Russian-American marriages fail and how not to be one of them.

-    And MUCH more

Being completely unbiased, we will tell you what Russian women are really like and what Russian marriage agencies are NOT telling you about.

Many men give up their dream of finding a beautiful Russian wife because they are either afraid to get scammed or waste their time and money on the wrong women. Some ended a good relationship only because they misinterpreted the woman’s letter. Others lost their chances with a girl they really liked only by mentioning an inappropriate (for a Russian woman) thing in a letter. I know someone who mistakenly assumed that his “girlfriend’ was a scammer just because she seemed too good to be true.

We don’t want these things to happen to you.

Whether you tried dating Russian women online or only thought about it until now, we will help you gain confidence in your dating journey.

Investing a small amount of money in this book will save you lots of money, time and headaches. You will avoid making the most common Russian dating mistakes.

For a VERY small fee you will avoid fear, frustration and confusion and will become one step closer to having a beautiful, devoted and loving Russian wife.

Don’t get discouraged by other people’s failures. Your dream of a beautiful devoted Russian wife and disciplined well-raised children IS possible.
We have a friend who got scammed by someone who pretended to be a Russian woman.

We have a friend who got his heart broken because he got involved with the wrong Russian woman.

We know people who got too overwhelmed with Russian dating because they didn’t know what to do and which steps to take.

These things should not to happen to you if you read our book and apply your knowledge.
If instead of gambling, you enter the Russian dating arena armed with knowledge about Russian women and dating, you will succeed in finding the woman of your dreams without getting your heart broken or your wallet emptied.

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